Go On...Savor

March 13, 2014

No one wants to be that guy. You know the one, circling his freshly poured beer as a predator stalking its prey. Swirling his glass, pausing pensively between whiffs to contemplate the complex aromas. He repeats this ritual between sips. Almost as if discovering each nuance for the first time.

I used to mock that guy for taking beer too seriously. He's a beer snob, we say. But don't we want more people like that? There are plenty of passionate drinkers in the craft beer movement but many don't stop to savor. It's just not cool. I think we ought to celebrate that guy for immersing himself in the tasting experience. After all, being mindful of what you taste is the only way to zero in on what you like and dislike.

We bask in the beauty of this golden age of beer, with its unrivaled variety of delicious offerings, but we mock those who stop and smell the hops. To reap the full benefits of this wide selection, we should learn to not just drink but really taste our beer. Everyone can learn how to be a better taster and frankly, the training regimen can't be beat.

In fact, I have some training to do right now...

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