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I have acted as software architect; designing the database schema and directing the engineering effort. I have served as designer, developer and everything in between; often playing all these roles at once. It was not until attending a tech conference in 2009 that I learned of the emerging discipline, at the intersection of engineer and artist, called User Experience.

Although the field did not exist when I was in school, I’ve followed the work of Bill Buxton and Ethan Marcotte, as well as many other influential Design/UX minds through books and blogs (and sites like UX Matters). Having one foot in design and the other in software development is the essence of UX. In a way, I didn’t discover the discipline as much as a name for the part of the project I enjoyed the most.

I've always enjoyed working with a team and found the results were generally better because of the added perspectives and power of collaborative problem solving. But I do have the ability to get things done when I am the whole team.

I am very eager to speak with you to discuss my possible contributions to your team.